I don't think I've posted these photos before. The oldest are from as far back as the end of last summer. You can see these on my flickr also, where their names, if they have them, will be provided. Some of them are available as prints in my shop.


First Part of a New Sketchbook

I started a new sketchbook. Here is every page so far, even the ones I don't like, in order. What's the purpose of this?

1. Heads
2. Columbia River Gorge rocks with trees
3. My dog Fuzzy. Fuzzy is not his real name
4. Trees drawn while riding in car
5. Fuzzy. You can call him Floppy
6. Inverse Fuzzy
7. Faces at a basketball game. I like the red man on the bottom left
8. I draw too many heads only. It's probably because the paper is small
9. More heads at the game
10. A witch
11. Faces in the crowd, named
12. There was a cool man with a beard and walking stick
13 Students at JSHS


Green Girl

I put some old paintings/drawings up for sale. These were some character design attempts for an animated film I made a while ago. She ended up being blue in the final. I'm selling these originals for very cheap so if you want one, get it.

1. Deep Wind
2. Carried By the Wind
3. Green Girl


A Period of Creative Effluence

Here is a collection of recent drawings from a period of days during which, every morning, I had the inspiration to make a new drawing. I did about one drawing a day. They all kind of go together. There were more ideas swirling in my head than I had the chance to depict before the effusive period ended, but here are these for now. They're all for sale, except the witch drawing which I gave to someone.

When you allow your insight to guide you, when you quiet your mind of fear, the strongest and truest work bubbles forth. 

Superhero Mural

I painted another mural in a pediatrics office. This time it was superheroes. They wanted characters from both Marvel and DC; the ones that are red, white, and blue. I took some photos right after I had applied the initial black lines over the rough sketches. You can compare them to the final painting.


Frame My Future

Hi there. I don't know who looks at this blog anymore, but I made this drawing for a scholarship contest. Here's a link to the official page for my entry. Above the drawing are some social media buttons. Please use them to like and share this if you feel inclined to do so! It would help me to win it. I would thank you kindly.


Candy Land Mural

Contact me if you're interested in hiring me to paint a mural! Here's a recent one I did in a doctor's office.